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Different situations?

I’ve a friend who tried your facial before. From her feedback, you seem to force out her bigger & embedded comedoms. Why is it different from what you claimed?

That should be an exceptional case. We definitely place your skin well being as the utmost priority. In situation whereby we'll make several attempts on tricky spots, it is most likely that your friend has shown sign of horrendous self-extraction; based on the scars and scabs we've seen on her face. In situation that we believed one is harming their skin from their own extraction, resulting in worse scarring and skin damage, we will try to be more persistent in her extraction since we will definitely induce less harm than she will and we're able to give the relevant treatment after the extraction to prevent problems.


Skin tip of the day

You are what you eat A nutritious diet and adequate fluids can help keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

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