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Why does my skin problem return after I stopped using your products?

Why does my skin problem return after I stopped using your products? Don't suggest that I keep on using it to solve my problem as I have no intention to be reliant on it.

If your skin problem is due to the use of wrong products (such as pore clogging problems leading to irritations), your skin problem will be under controlled and eventually solved when you switch to our natural, chemical-free, non-clogging products. Assuming you stopped for other commercial products, you still run the risk of using pore-clogging or chemical-laden skin care. Your problem will return.


This is pretty easy to understand. We are all living organism. What we eat and feed our skin, are constantly used to manufacture new cells. Like a factory, our biological system uses what you supply to produce the related end-products. Take this illustration for instance: A has unhealthy diets, consuming mainly fried food and hardly takes their greens and fruits but do take tonic once a month to make up for the nutrients vs B who eats healthily everyday but does not take monthly tonic. We’ll expect B to be healthier while A is unhealthy and do not see any benefit from the tonic consumption. This is the same for your skin care regime. We get what we take.


Skin tip of the day

Moisturize Use a good moisturizing lotion and/or body wash. A moisturizer performs several important functions, including replacing lost water.

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