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What if I have problems after the facial?

I believe a lot of you are worried about outbreaks after facial but are too polite to question me that  Feel free to let me know if you are worried or if you do encounter bumps or small little pimples the next day after your facial, as several factors could be behind it.

If you noticed small bumps, that is MOST likely due to impurities accumulated at the surface as the products/masks aim to detox and draw out impurities. The good news are, MOST of you don't experience that and even if you do, they will soon subside.

If your skin feels dry and you just start using any of our enzyme peel, then apply less (referring to the amount not frequency), and rinse off 10 mins or 15mins later. SLOWLY increasing the leave-on period will be crucial for you then (as for me or those with oily skin, the leave-on time is not that important). Oat Milk Honey Mask can counter any dryness or flakiness so do take note of this  It is great for healing too.

Small outbreaks might only happen during the initial phase. After which, you shouldn't have this problem at all.

If rashes, itchy red bumps did occur then it is allergic reactions! Stop the products, come back to me for another consultation.  We do advise you to get a skin patch test done by a Dermatologist to find out what natural ingredient you are allergic to so you can avoid the irritant in the future.

Don't get freak out and think outbreak after facial is common here. It is not.  This is to address any doubts you'll have if you're new to our products or facial services. Unless you've allergy to nuts, algae or certain fruits or plants, you can't go wrong with Skin Revival products. We are more than 99.5% chemical-free. You can't go wrong with that.


Skin tip of the day

Keep stress in check. Because stress can lead to eczema flares, try activities like yoga or walking after a long day to keep your stress levels low.

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