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Which ingredient list is accurate?

I notice there is some discrepancy in the ingredients shown on the products, website or E-cart. Which is reliable?



The latest announcements will be updated in website or Facebook. As we are constantly looking for better ingredients and better products, we do not hesitate to change the ingredients. Hence, the labels on the products, with the ingredients are not always up to date. We are not able to keep printing new labels without adding on to our cost hence please refers back to the website for the latest ingredients. Sorry for the confusion.


Skin tip of the day

Use yogurt or acidophilus in the diet if you have been taking antibiotics for your acne. Antibiotics kill friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, which causes other problems, like constipation. Eliminating the toxins and wastes from your body is essential to controlling acne. It's important to keep those friendly bacteria alive and well.

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