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Customize your facial package @ your OWN requirements for S$58* onwards.

SKIN REVIVAL Standard package Includes :

1. Free Consultation .


2. Deep Pore Cleansing.

3. Scrub.

4. Steaming & Extraction .

(Extraction is limited to max 25min a session, additional charges would apply if customer requests for longer duration during the same session. Additional S$12 for every 10mins.)

5. Facial Acupressure Massage . (w / Pure Essential Oils)

(To stimulate repair mechanism & detoxify)

6. Facial Firming Massage. (w / Pure Essential Oils)

(To firm & improve blood circulation)

7. Neck, Shoulder & Upper Body Massage. (w / Pure Essential Oils)

(Includes Lymphatic drainage)

8. Head Massage.


9. Eyebrow Trimming & Shaping




* Top up for mask is required.



MASK OPTIONS (additional)

1. Derma Lift Anti-Aging Face Mask


2. Anti-Aging Clay Mask


3. Avocado Honey Mask


4. Lycopene Pectin Enzyme Peel S$30
5. Enzymatic Blemish Masque S$30
6. Papain Enzyme Peel S$30

7. Raspberry Whitening Mask


8. Vitamin Mineral Cocktail Mask


8. Botanical Purifying Clay Mask


9. Aloe Vera Mask w Essential Oils


Eye Mask:

1. EyeBright Premium Mask


2. Eye Contouring Premium mask


3. Hebal Eye mask






TREATMENTS (additional)

1. Intensive Anti-aging Treatment


2. Divine Eye Treatment


3. Scar Lightening Treatment


4. Acne Control Treatment


5. Hydrating Treatment


6. Whitening Treatment


7. Back Treatment


8. Neck Treatment


OTHERS (additional)

1. Face Threading.

S$20 (Chinese traditional facial hair removal.)

2. Face Threading w/ Cleansing, moisturizing & sunscreen S$25
3. Eyebrow Shaping S$15
4. Eyebrow Trimming S$10
5. Upper Lips Threading S$5




* Top up for mask is required.

Enjoy 10% off top-up mask/treatments during Non-peak hours (Weekdays 1.30p.m to 3.30p.m) for ALL Customers (Customised Facial only)!

Open an account with at least $500 to enjoy Regular Customers privileges or have monthly facials AFTER 3 consecutive months to qualify for Regular Customers privileges, which will be disqualified if monthly visits are disrupted.

By default, all facial appointment making is made for Customized Facials.
For express facials, please make it known during appointment making.
Last minute changes to express facial is prohibited and will be declined.


Skin tip of the day

Don't pop pimples yourself! Popping pimples can push infected material further into the skin, leading to more swelling and redness, and even scarring. If you notice a pimple coming before a big event, like the prom, a dermatologist can often treat it for you with less risk of scarring or infection.

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