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Divine Eye Treatment


Experience the remarkable, visible benefits of this revitalizing eye treatment. Every procedure of this treatment is designed for maximum absorption of the premium ingredients used to smooth out fine lines, increase skin firmness and elasticity while lightening dark circles.

1. Rejuvenating Eye Massage

Indulge in a relaxing eye massage using our special oil blend that comprises of our unique Derma Repair ComplexTM for eyes and nourishing essential oils of carrot seed and geranium. This rejuvenating eye massage will improve drainage and circulation around the eye area, as well as optimize skin's absorption of the beneficial ingredients of the oil blend.


2. Deep Penetration Ultrasound Treatment

A layer of Eye Sparkle Serum is applied for this intensive ultrasound treatment. Ultrasonic sound waves stimulate cells and the tiny massage effect it produces will expand and stimulate the cell membrane. This improves local blood and lymph circulation, thereby increasing the penetration of the beneficial ingredients into the skin. Our Eye Sparkle Serum has been specially formulated with carefully chosen ingredients- pomegranate, Immortelle, rose, vitamin A and K, small molecular Hyaluronic Acid and skin whitening alpha arbutin essence. These potent ingredients target common skin woes that occur around the eyes and help to brighten dull, dark eye circles, firms up loose, sagging skin and fine lines, as well as improve circulation to combat puffy eyes.


3. Eye Masks

After stimulating circulation and draining excess fluid, your skin is all prepped for more nutrients from one of the eye masks that will be chosen for your skin's specific needs.

Eye Brightening Mask

This invigorating eye mask is rich in antioxidants which improve micro-circulation within the skin to banish dark, puffy eyes. Packed with peptides that help to strengthen the connective tissues in skin, active ingredients are also added to prevent UV-induced degeneration of connective tissues which results in wrinkles and skin slackness.

Key Ingredients include:

· Hydrolyzed rice bran & soybean protein - peptide that protects integrity of collagen & elastin bundle

· Oxido reductases - an enzyme that catalyzes redox reactions

· Coenzyme Q10 - a powerful antioxidant that aids in repairing UV-induced damage

· Vitamin K - strengthens capillaries

· Small molecular Hyaluronic Acid - provides cellular hydration and enhances skin's moisture levels.

Eye Lifting Mask

Reverse aging and achieve structurally healthy skin with this restorative eye mask that is loaded with various peptides that support the cell matrix. This mask restores skin suppleness and prevents aging at cellular level.

Key Ingredients include:

· Teprenone - maintains healthy structure of cell membrane thereby counteracting premature cellular aging.

· Hesperidin methyl Chalcone - a flavinoid that prevents capillary leakage that results in discolouration and puffiness around eyes.

· Various dipeptides, tripeptides and lipopeptides - peptides that stimulate collagen production as well as improve skin tone.

· Small molecular Hyaluronic Acid - provides cellular hydration and enhances skin's moisture levels.

Treatment Duration: 45mins

Divine Eye Treatment : $88 | $79.20 (10% off)

* Package Holders and customers coming at off-peak hours are entitled to 10% discount.


Skin tip of the day

t's so very important to exfoliate your skin. Your body sheds skin cells at an amazing rate every minute of every day. If you don't get rid of them, they'll just sitting on your skin making you look dull and dry.

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