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Regular Plan

Regular / Student**

Non - Regular


Those who open an account/package


Those who come monthly for facial

(Only 3 consecutive monthly facials to quality)


Those who come once every few months & / or without an account

Difference in privileges

All customized facial start from $50 onwards

Account Regulars receive additional 10% off top-up masks/treatments cost for customized facial.

Regulars without Account will get the 10% off top-up masks/treatments only during *off-peak hours.

Get to purchase skincare products at discounted price (Member/Regular Price)


All customized facial start from $58 onwards

Get additional 10% off top-up masks/treatments only during *off-peak hours


* Any days/time 2 weeks prior to Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year are regarded as Peak period

** To qualify as Students, one has to be 22 years old AND below and studying full-time in the below mentioned schools.

+ Regulars without account need to come monthly for customized facials to stay as Regulars. Any break in between will disqualify regular status

*** This scheme excluded Express Facials.

The expiry of an account would be 1 year starting from the opening of an account. We strongly advise our customers to top up or expend their credits before expiry.

Definition of Student

  • 22years old and below (according to the year) will have the Student's privileges ceased on 31st July of the year.
    , studying Full-time in

a) NUS,

b) NTU,

c) SMU,

d) SIM,

e) All government polytechnics

f) All secondary school, Junior Colleges & ITEs (private schools and international schools excluded)


Skin tip of the day

Limit bath time. Hot water and long showers or baths remove oils from your skin. Limit your bath or shower time, and use warm rather than hot water.

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