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Regular Plan

Regular / Student**

Non - Regular


Those who open an account/package


Those who come monthly for facial

(Only 3 consecutive monthly facials to quality)


Those who come once every few months & / or without an account

Difference in privileges

All customized facial start from $50 onwards

Account Regulars receive additional 10% off top-up masks/treatments cost for customized facial.

Regulars without Account will get the 10% off top-up masks/treatments only during *off-peak hours.

Get to purchase skincare products at discounted price (Member/Regular Price)


All customized facial start from $58 onwards

Get additional 10% off top-up masks/treatments only during *off-peak hours


* Any days/time 2 weeks prior to Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year are regarded as Peak period

** To qualify as Students, one has to be 22 years old AND below and studying full-time in the below mentioned schools.

+ Regulars without account need to come monthly for customized facials to stay as Regulars. Any break in between will disqualify regular status

*** This scheme excluded Express Facials.

The expiry of an account would be 1 year starting from the opening of an account. We strongly advise our customers to top up or expend their credits before expiry.

Definition of Student

  • 22years old and below (according to the year) will have the Student's privileges ceased on 31st July of the year.
    , studying Full-time in

a) NUS,

b) NTU,

c) SMU,

d) SIM,

e) All government polytechnics

f) All secondary school, Junior Colleges & ITEs (private schools and international schools excluded)


Skin tip of the day

You are what you eat A nutritious diet and adequate fluids can help keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

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